Payment Processing Review

We offer a no-cost evaluation to existing card-not-present businesses who are looking for ways to reduce costs..

..streamline the number of vendors you work with to process payments, reduce fraud, expand globally, or migrate from a legacy platform to a scalable billing solution.

For card-not-present merchants, changing credit card processors can seem too cumbersome to even consider. And merchant banks are VERY aware of this.

During the initial set up of your merchant account, you were most likely considered a start-up or a high-risk account. Discount rates, gateway fees, and volume caps might have been pre-set based on that criteria.

This is where our leading payment experts can help you. We review your current merchant profile which includes a review of your actual costs, chargeback performance, company growth, domestic vs. international transactions, and financials. Based on this criteria, we will offer our recommendations.

By implementing some or all of our customized recommendations, you will recognize savings of approximately 5-50% in both soft and hard costs. For mid to large-sized e-commerce merchants, this represents tens of thousands of dollars in annual savings.

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