Card-Not-Present Merchant Services and Transaction Processing

We provide full service merchant account placement and global merchant account management solutions to card-not-present companies who operate complicated business models. Complicated business models as subscription models, billing with future delivery and fulfillment, installment plans, higher risk models, high volume accounts, businesses that experience rapid growth,free trials, and more. Recently, many business models that should be considered low risk are being categorized by the merchant banks as high risk simply due to potential exposure.More Payment processing is an increasingly complicated and important aspect of business. Our team of experts are your resource for cost-effective, streamlined merchant solutions.

With 14+ years’ experience working solely with businesses who sell direct to consumers, we can honestly say we understand the card-not-present industry better than most merchant service companies. We separate ourselves from our competitors by providing your business with an ongoing support system. You can decide how much involvement you want our team of experts to have in your day-to-day business. For some clients, we assist with merchant account acquiring needs including contact and service negotiations. Once our merchant goes live, we become part of the escalation team and follow up periodically to ensure our merchant is getting the level of service we expect from our merchant bank partners. For those merchants who want to focus on marketing and selling, we assign a dedicated payments expert who is responsible for managing your merchant account and payment platform relationships.

Services We Offer Include:

If you are a start-up and need a merchant account or would like to add an additional merchant account to spread out your volume, Patricia Carlin Consulting will work with your team to review your offering, recommend changes that might be required by the card associations, assist with acquiring the merchant account including contract negotiations and product feature selection.

We have partnered with the very best payment providers in the industry to guarantee you will have all the tools you need to operate a successful online business. Our goal is to ensure your business is leveraging the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective merchant service platform.

We offer a no-cost evaluation to existing card-not-present businesses who are looking for ways to reduce costs, streamline the number of vendors you work with to process payments, reduce fraud, expand globally, or migrate from a legacy platform to a scalable billing solution.

For card-not-present merchants, changing credit card processors can seem too cumbersome to even consider. And merchant banks are VERY aware of this. During the initial set up of your merchant account, you were most likely considered a start-up or a high-risk account. Discount rates, gateway fees, and volume caps might have been pre-set based on that criteria. This is where our leading payment experts can help you. We review your current merchant profile which includes a review of your actual costs, chargeback performance, company growth, domestic vs. international transactions, and financials. Based on this criteria, we will offer our recommendations. By implementing some or all of our customized recommendations, you will recognize savings of approximately 5-50% in both soft and hard costs. For mid to large-sized e-commerce merchants, this represents tens of thousands of dollars in annual savings.

High volume merchants quickly find that managing their merchant account relationship(s) can be a full-time job. Also, dealing with processing account reps can be frustrating and time-consuming. More so, businesses are being bombarded with emails and calls from merchant bank agents and software vendors trying to sell them the latest and great tools that WILL increase their bottom line.

Our team has worked for some the leading domestic and offshore banks in the world. We know what your business needs and what platform and tools look pretty on the outside but lack value. We will work direct with your processors and ensure that your chargebacks ratios are being managed properly, educate you on new developments and conditions at the card association level, and make sure you are getting the best rates possible for the MLM vertical.

Did you know that by changing the way you send data to your processor can affect the number of transactions that downgrade? Processors don’t tell you this because they make more money on your non-qualified transactions. We analysis all your data and the way you present it to the bank.

Processing technology has come a long way in the past 5-7 years. If you are considering reviewing alternatives to your current payment platform, let us help drive your RFP selection.

After we do a review of your current system and determine what features you are looking to add and improve upon, we will help identify a group of providers that can meet your criteria.

Global expansion is a key component for many markets including dating, direct response, MLM companies, direct marketers, and internet retailers. We have established relationships with banking partners across the globe who have a strong understanding of the card-not-present marketplace.

We can help you expand into different regions including Canada, South America and Europe. You can bill and settle in local currencies as well as accept local payments and bank transfers. Our services are offered a la carte. If you happy with your current US provider, we can work together on business outside the US. We do not require exclusivity. If your business has experienced issues in the US and would like to migrate your transactions to an Offshore partner, we will walk you through the process and get the accounts live. TMF is not an issue for us.

We have the industry knowledge and relationships in place to help our merchants reduce fraud, manage current chargeback issues and implement best practices going forward. Our goal is to help you increase conversions with clean transactions.

Your number one priority is your customers. Happy customers equals more business.

We feel the same way. You are our customer, and we know you have many choices when it comes to selecting a partner to manage your merchant services.