High Risk Merchant Account Management

Get A High Risk Merchant Account and Keep It Live
Without The Risk Of Termination.

Billing and Payments and Fraud…Oh my.

You get paid to focus on one job, so why are you doing three?
Most companies have one or a few people in charge of the payments operations. Regardless of business size, type, or industry, that person or team faces this fact: there are too many responsibilities and not enough standardization.
As a high risk merchant, you’re in an even stickier situation.
Chances are, you’re juggling multiple merchant account relationships, shifting high priority items in order to address volume cap issues or drowning in chargeback hell. Alone.

Stop stretching yourself thin and augment your team with the “just right” amount of help for your business.

A High Risk Merchant Account Manager can help you:

Reclaim the freedom you need to focus on the core business and drive new revenue.
Establish merchant account relationships that facilitate growth rather than hinder it.
Stop chargebacks and fraud in their tracks and maintain healthy and stable merchant accounts.
Get our High Risk Merchant Account Management package today and let a specialized high risk expert augment your payments team. Just choose the tier that’s right for your business.

Features Include:

  • Custom CV and Executive Summary to get you approved for a merchant account right away or management of your existing banking relationships WITH A GAURANTEED RATE REDUCTION
  • Waived merchant application fee
  • Convenient customer service and technical support teams to get you set up easily and quickly
  • Convenient, online real-time transaction reporting for deep insights at every stage in the payment lifecycle
  • Multi-currency processing in GBP, EUR, CAD, USD, and more
  • Gateway with four distinct connectivity options - Secure Payment Page, Virtual Terminal, Batch Processing, and Application Program Interface (API)
  • Hands-on consulting along every step of the transaction lifecycle
  • Tailored, hand-picked selection of fraud tools suited for your business
  • I become your merchant advocate to help you navigate the complicated word of high risk merchant processing.