My name is Patricia Carlin and I’m the Worlds #1 Expert in High Risk Payment Processing.

If you’re currently in the world of payments, then you know the “holy grail” is high risk. Anyone can get a low risk account. Don’t get me wrong. They’re consistent and they pay the bills. But the real money is in high risk. One account alone can be worth thousands…..or millions.

I’ve been in this world since 1998, when I helped launch the first EVER online merchant account.

And we made a LOT of money. Since then I have boarded network marketing companies, CBD, dating, lots of adult, cryptocurrency, and pretty much anything (legal) that you can think of.

It never stops. But do you know what I get more inquiries about? How do I BECOME a high risk agent? On any given day I get about 10 requests from agents asking me to help them with high risk.

Things like:

Can you help me find a bank that will board this?

Can you help me close this client?

Can you help me make a business summary?

Can you tell me how to price this?

The list goes on and on and on.

About five years ago I decided enough was enough. I could no longer be spending hours every day answering random questions. I needed to create a solution for every agent who wanted my knowledge. Something new. Something REAL.

My partner David and I spent all night thinking about it.

We asked ourselves, do we really want disrupt our perfect little world to take this on?

Let’s be honest. This industry had given us the financial freedom most people only dream of. We’ve made millions in residual. And NO, I don’t mean fake residual like the silly business opportunities you see all over the internet. I mean REAL residual. The kind of residual you set and forget. That’s what happens with high risk. If you evaluate the deal properly and you treat them right the money rolls in like clockwork.

So why should I teach it? The answer is simple:

Because I’m the only one who can.

And to be honest, this industry has given me SO much. The crazy thing is, very few people even know about it. We’ve had so many people ask us what we do. It happens on the golf course, in the airport, at the hotels we stay at. It happens EVERWHERE. And when we tell them what we do the first question they ask is:

Can you teach me?

The answer has to be YES. David and I want to give back. It’s our duty.

So over the last five years we have complied everything we know about high risk. We’ve hired the best company on earth to help us create it. We’ve built the framework to deliver it. We’ve even created the community to support it.

It’s called:

High Risk Mastery

Now this is not some ordinary internet course. No, no, no. We’ve been the processor for lots of those 😉

This is the first REAL system for helping you get High Risk Clients and keep them. Taught directly by us. People who are actually in the business doing this every single day.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

  • What is a high risk business?

  • Deep dive into the most profitable sector of credit card processing

  • What verticals are considered high risk?

  • Understanding the difference between reputational risk and chargeback risk

  • Everything you need to know about acceptable chargeback ratios

  • What questions to ask a high risk merchant?

  • How to create a strong merchant package that will get approved

  • How to deal with a tmf merchant

  • How to tell if a merchant is running a scam

  • Dos and do nots when working with high risk businesses

  • High risk vertical specific training including dating, subscription websites

  • How to leverage a bank’s restricted list for 30x profits

  • How to price a high risk merchant - there is an art to this

  • Gulity by association

  • Understanding bank policies

  • Don’t leave money on the table to win the deal

  • They need you as much as you want them

  • Submitting your first high risk deal

  • How to avoid underwriting delays

  • The importance of telling your merchant’s story

  • Planning for shorter lifespan of high-risk residuals

  • Selecting gateways

  • Picking fraud tools for your merchants

  • Don’t burn bank bridges

  • Know your merchant

  • How to do your own due diligence

  • Industries to avoid like the plague

Nothing like this has EVER been created. But that wasn’t good enough for us. We want to go above and beyond your wildest expectations.

So, in addition to the course you get:

David or myself do 5 sales per month with you.

Yes, we will actually get on the phone with you and your prospect and help close your sales. This alone could help you be profitable your very first month.


Get access to our business summary templates.

We will give you the exact templates we use to send the banks. This small thing has skyrocketed our approvals.


Direct access to our VIP banking relationships.

I cannot overstate how valuable this is. If you have these relationships that is 50% of the battle.


Access to our private Facebook group for ongoing support.

This business is about networking and this group has ALL of that.


Subscription to our weekly high-risk newsletter.

Every week we publish the hottest sectors, the changes in banking laws, and what scams to avoid falling for.

We have left NOTHING out of this program.

  • You get our 15 years of experience all packed into one online course.

  • You get us helping you close your sales.

  • You get our business summaries.

  • You get our banking relationships.

  • You get our exact recipe for how we have made millions in high risk payment processing.

Now you may be thinking…..that’s super cheap. You’re right. Compared to the “coaching programs” we see out there, we agree. Many of them are charging $5000+ per month for just one piece of some silly business.

We want to make it accessible to EVERY agent who truly has the desire to tap into this residual cash machine known as high risk.

But we do like money. So we may not keep it at this price for long. Get started today and let’s take your payments business to the next level.