Leverage our Expertise:

Patricia Carlin Consulting Group is the most referred and trusted card-not-present credit card processing experts in the payments industry and are exclusive to card-not-present merchants. Our team has been in this e-commerce payment processing industry since 1999/2000 with a strong focus on helping mid- higher risk merchants establish long term stable merchant accounts both domestic US and international. Rather than try to place everyone with a single bank, we look at where you are today if you are already processing and what your business model is, where you have most of your customer base(international, LATAM, US, etc.) ,and plan on how much volume you will need in various locations to support growth and manage risk i.e if you want to launch in Nigeria or Brazil, we will implement a plan which will allow you to first test the risk of each market without jeopardizing your current merchant account.

Going live process :

  • Initial organization of your current merchant account(s). You will have a very organized system to sign docs, and send documents to us.
  • Submit paperwork to our selected merchant provider with a detailed and proper business summary to get you approved.
  • Complete all merchant applications for you to reduce back and forth. This is part of the service if needed.
  • Handle all documentation and structure responses to all inquiries made by underwriters at each bank.
  • Mid set up and all correspondence to the gateway provider to make sure you go live.
  • We assist with all aspects of merchant account acquiring including contract negotiations and product selection based on your specific requirements.

I will act as your merchant advocate if issues arise, work on cap increases, add additional fraud tools to mitigate risk if needed, and I improve upon current processes. The biggest value here is working in a very systematic approach to grow your volume and keep your relationship in good standing with our selected merchant account providers. We are giving processors the right information and your personal details and business model isn’t being passed around to sub-agents who then turn around and send it out to every bank and agent in their network.

By leveraging our industry expertise, merchants will avoid high processing fees, a bulky payment processing platform, limited merchant account transparency, fraud and chargeback issues, and possible merchant account termination.