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If we cannot get and keep your merchant account live, no one can.

We understand and manage high risk merchants better than most processors. Our 20+ years of high risk expertise allows us to solve any problem you are having. All we ask you for is transparency.

Merchants who operate a high risk Internet business or do not reside in the US typically have a difficult time finding e-commerce credit card processing solutions. And the banks that are willing to take on the risk exposure make the merchant pay for it in very high transaction fees and reserves. Also, the banking environment has drastically changed in the past two years. The FTC is cracking down on many business models and backs are reluctant to even engage merchants unless they are low-risk. We have carefully selected banks that REALLY do understand the nature of high risk accounts. Before selecting which merchant bank to place your business with, we will review certain criteria (your location, type of internet business, existing volume, chargeback ratios, TMF issues, credit score) to determine which one of our banks will offer you the best long-term solutions. We will fully disclose all processing fees upfront and DO NOT ask for any application or upfront fees to submit and process your merchant account application. Absolutely No “Bait and Switch”. We act as your merchant advocate. We are not here to make a quick dollar on your account like many third party agents do. Getting a merchant live takes a lot of work on both your end and our end. We also have a very good reputation in the banking industry. They trust us to be fully transparent with our merchants. We have a lot more riding on your account than just a monthly commission check.

Over the years, we have successfully helped new high-risk merchants establish Internet credit card processing relationships in addition to migrating existing high risk businesses to banks that offer much lower rates and better terms. We are the leading provider of high-risk US and offshore credit card and e-check Internet merchant accounts. In addition to providing high risk merchant accounts, we will provide you with recommendations and tools which will help your domestic and offshore accounts in good standing with the card associations. Our high risk merchant accounts are easy to establish and we will guide you through the process every step of the way. We also offer long-term merchant account management. This allows you to focus on your business rather than dealing with the banks. Contact us today if you would like more information about dating merchant accounts, adult merchant accounts, MLM merchant accounts, travel merchant accounts, Nutraceutical merchant accounts, offshore merchant accounts, biz opp merchant accounts and other types of high risk merchant accounts. Please complete our quick and easy sign-up request form. There is no obligation of fee to submit this form and all information submitted is confidential. You will be contacted via email or telephone within 24 hours or less.

After one conversation, you will understand why merchants who operate in high risk trust us with their business.

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