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365CPO Offer Launch

For many of our clients, a launch strategy from Day 1 is all they need on a short-term or one-time basis. With so many different merchant account providers, platforms, payment gateway and tools being offered in the market, it’s often confusing and time-consuming for a merchant to decide which one suits their business type. 

We take the ENTIRE payments launch process off of your plate. 

 We will set up a new merchant account and gateway with the best rates and contract terms, select fraud tools if needed, review customer service processes to eliminate future problems with chargebacks and refunds, and so much more. You will never outgrow the payment structure we implement for you. Prior to launch, we take a deep dive into your projected growth plans including where your traffic(sales) will come from and provide clear direction on what needs to implemented to achieve the goals of the company. 

Fractional 365CPO

This is the heart of what we offer. As more businesses sell online, companies like yours face a steep learning curve that changes at a rapid pace. From start-ups to enterprise companies, there is an inconsistent approach to payment processing strategies that are both reliable and scalable. Our CPO’s are accountable for working with stakeholders across all business units and channels to envision and deliver a secure payments strategy.

Merchants quickly find that managing their merchant account relationship(s) can be a full-time job.

Your 365CPO knows what your business needs and what platform and tools look pretty on the outside but lack value. We WILL increase your profitability. 

365CPO Acquisition Advisor

Before you ever consider purchasing an online company from the leading business brokers such as Flippa and MicroAquire, let your 365CPO look under the payments hood of the company. The payments health is the single most important part of any purchase, and it’s the one that is often overlooked.  Both buyers and investors look at the profits and numbers, but the stability of the business model or even the company itself is often ignored simply because most investors and buyers do not understand the unique risks associated with the many different type of companies that are for sale. 

We take a critical factor of the buyer beware aspect off the table. 

We provide you with a detailed summary of what potential pitfalls the business can face as it relates to both the industry they operate in as well as the health of that specific business’s current merchant processing relationships. You will know prior to purchasing the business if there are any active chargeback issues, negative reviews, excessive refunds, if they are paying high fees and give our expert recommendation of what needs to be addressed prior to any transaction is complete. 

365CPO High Risk Merchants

We help you manage every aspect of your high risk business. If we cannot secure a stable high risk merchant account and gateway for you and ensure ongoing scalability, no one can. We understand and manage high risk merchants better than most banks. Our 15+ years of high risk expertise allows us to solve any problem you are having, and we help you avoid roadblocks you may face in the future. 

We provide full service merchant account placement and ongoing management to card-not-present companies who operate e-commerce business models.

Industries we work with include internet marketing offers, direct response merchants, subscription models, coaches, billing with future delivery and fulfillment, installment plans, higher risk models, high volume accounts, event and ticketing companies, direct selling, CBD businesses. We can approve 99% of industries. 

Her Experience Is Everything

Leading expert in Card-Not Present Payment Processing and Merchant Account Management.