High Risk Merchant Accounts

Specialize in high risk e-commerce business

types establish long-term stable

merchant accounts.

If we cannot get you live and keep merchant account live, no one can. We understand and manage high risk merchants better than most processors. Our 14 years of high risk expertise allows us to solve any problem you are having. All we ask you WILL for is transparency. Merchants who operate a high risk Internet business or do not reside in the US typically have a difficult time finding e-commerce credit card processing solutions. And the banks that are willing to take on the risk exposure make the merchant pay for it in very high transaction fees and reserves. Also, the banking environment has drastically changed in the past two years. The FTC is cracking down on many business models and backs are reluctant to even engage merchants unless they are low-risk. We have carefully selected banks that REALLY do understand the nature of high risk accounts.

Before selecting which merchant bank to place your business with, we will review certain criteria (your location, type of internet business, existing volume, chargeback ratios, TMF issues, credit score) to determine which one of our banks will offer you the best long-term solutions. We will fully disclose all processing fees upfront and DO NOT ask for any application or upfront fees to submit and process your merchant account application. Absolutely No “Bait and Switch”. We act as your merchant advocate. We are not hear to make a quick dollar on your account like many third party agents do. Getting a merchant live takes alot of work on both your end and our end. We also have a very good reputation in the banking industry.

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Merchant Termination Specialist
/Volume Cap Issues/

Did your Merchant Provider Terminate your Merchant Account, Give you Notice or Won’t Give You Additional Volume? I Can Help You.

Merchant Processing can be a complicated maze to navigate. A sales agent will give you a merchant account knowing exactly what type of business model you operate. It will be approved by underwriting after an extensive review and a ton of paperwork. Then you start processing transactions. Two months in, you get notification that Risk Management reviewed the account and it’s not an acceptable business type. How does this happen? It happens more often than you would think.

Perhaps you know how to market your offer very well and you grew your volume quickly. Again you get a call from your agent telling you that all your funds have to be held until they see a more stable volume pattern. You cannot operate your business without funds. It’s a catch 22 and merchants really can’t win unless they select the right banking partners from day 1. Merchants who operate a higher risk business model that including Direct Selling, MLM, Dating, Adult, Free Trial, High Volume and others are blindsided when their merchant provider tells them that they have 30 days to move their business without cause or are punished for driving alot of revenue through their merchant bank. Rather than scramble to find a new bank to take your volume and have your private financial shopped around to every agent and bank in the market, let me help you migrate your volume in a way that will be effective and long term. I will carefully select new banks for your business, work with your provider to implement a strategy that will allow you to transition to a new bank without causing a spike in chargebacks or a disruption in your services. Don’t panic and shop your account to agents. Let me migrate you properly.

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Merchant Account Management,
Payment Processing Review, and More

I Take the Confusion Out of Payment Processing.
Let Me Manage Your Merchants Accounts so You Can Focus on Your Business.

We are a full-service payments consulting company exclusivity working with with card-not-present businesses. Payment processing is an increasingly complicated and important aspect of business. Our team of experts are your resource for cost-effective, streamlined merchant solutions.

With 14+ years’ experience working solely with e-commerce merchants, I can honestly say that we understand the card-not-present industry better than most merchant service companies. We separate ourselves from the competitors by providing your business with an ongoing support system. You can decide how much involvement you want our team of experts to have in your day-to-day business. For some clients, we assist with merchant account acquiring needs including contact and service negotiations. Once our merchant goes live, we become part of the escalation team and follow up periodically to ensure our merchant is getting the level of service we expect from our merchant bank partners. For those merchants who want to focus on marketing and selling, we assign a dedicated payments expert who is responsible for managing your merchant account and payment platform relationships. If you run into chargeback issues or get hit with fraud, I will put together a chargeback reduction plan and be your advocate at the bank level. My goal as your merchant account manager is to keep your merchant accounts live and continue to find new banks.

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