Dating Merchants

Mainstream, Casual, Adult
Dating companies including mainstream, adult dating, and casual dating are finding it more difficult to maintain chargeback ratios established by the card associations. Don’t keep all of your dating profiles in one merchant account basket. I will review your current volume and accounts and help you establish long term credit card processing relationships in the US and Worldwide.

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Free Trial Merchants

Continuity, Risk-Free Trial, Rebills, Subscriptions
Many mainstream infomercials such as Beach Body and ProActive offer risk free trial billing models. However, these days it’s almost impossible for free trial merchants to establish stable merchant accounts that 1. Have good payout terms 2. Do not ask for large upfront securities 3. Offer a reasonable monthly processing limit 4. Are willing to work with a merchant should issues arise. It’s important to work with an experienced payments expert who has worked with this billing model since 1999. You will have merchant accounts that will allow you to grow your volume and payout your affiliates and traffic sources in a timely manner. Contact us today.

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Multilevel Marketing Merchant Accounts

MLM, Direct Selling, DSA Merchant Accounts
If you are trying to launch a new multilevel marketing company, grow your processing volume, having issues with your current merchant account provider or are looking to expand internationally, let me put together a merchant account solution program for you. Since 1999, I have worked with some of today’s largest multilevel marketing companies helping them to establish and maintain their merchant account relationships. My merchant banking network understands the business model and the volume/risk fluctuations that are associated with MLM merchant accounts. Should issues arise, my banks let us work towards a remedy rather than terminate your merchant account.

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BitCoin Mining Platforms

Bitcoin Mining, Memberships, and Unique Product Offerings
Anything related to Bitcoin is an immediate red flag to an underwriter at a payment processing company or merchant bank.  Most merchant account providers simply do not understand the unique product offerings being sold in the bitcoin industry such as bitcoin mining. These accounts typically have very high processing volumes within a short period of time. Combine high volume with the word bitcoin and most companies will decline these merchants. We understand the nature of this business model and will get your account approved with good terms.

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Adult Merchant Accounts

Products, PPV, Chat, Tube, Streaming, Brides, Adult Classifieds
In 1998, I worked for the first adult merchant account and credit card processor in the industry. Back then, the majority of adult merchants used third party processors such as iBill, Paycom and CCbill. Since that time, adult websites transitioned to their own direct mids. However, if these merchant accounts are not managed properly including monthly caps on mids, proper volume placement and other variables, these merchant accounts will be closed. Getting adult merchant accounts is costly and time consuming. Having a merchant account closed after only 30 days is not beneficial to the bank or the merchant. I will help you set up a long term strategy to keep your merchant accounts live and stable.

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Forex Merchant Accounts

Forex Platforms, Forex Credit Card Processing
Forex brokerage firms and Forex Platforms require customized payment processing solutions. The merchant account providers we work with offer extensive reporting functions, great terms and fast payouts that forex brokerage firms depend on. Even if you have a merchant account today, it is important to have additional options to send your processing volume to.

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Membership Clubs

Discount Buying Clubs, Medical/Insurance Memberships, Discount buying clubs/prepaid
If you operate a discount buying club online or through a call center, you definitely need a merchant account(s) that have an appetite for this business model.  Typically membership clubs have high volume and chargeback ratios that exceed card association ratios on the percentage not count( 3 percent and higher). Based on your current volume, growth expectations and current chargeback ratios, I will put together a merchant account plan to ensure that you have merchant accounts that will support your business long term.

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High Volume/International /Software, Other

I work with 99% of ALL Merchant Account Types
It is a rarity that I cannot get a merchant account approved for a legal business type. Industries I can provide payment processing solutions to include adult classified websites, e-commerce start-ups, offshore merchant accounts, Mexico merchant accounts, health and wellness, free trial, telemarketing, Matrimonial Services, Software, Travel, Discount membership clubs, dating, psychic, TMF merchants and more.

If you are unsure what merchant category you are in need of a fast credit card processing solution, contact me today for a no obligation review. Since 1999, I continue to establish relationships with acquiring banks all over the world.

All industries will be reviewed.  No Bait N Switch.