Patricia Carlin is a well-respected leading authority in high card-not-present credit card processing and merchant account placement. Since 1999, her clients have processed billions of dollars in e-commerce and call center transactions. Her expertise is working with online companies who have unique business models that are not well understood by traditional banks and are deemed higher risk. Her clients range from the most well known online classified website in the world to dating and risk free trial companies. Merchants rely on her team of experts to provide stable, secure, cost-efffective, and reliable merchant processing for card-not-present companies who have complicated business models.

Merchants considered higher risk by banks and processors have relied on Patricia’s extensive merchant processing expertise to establish and manage stable long-term merchant accounts relationships. If I a merchant finds themselves with excessive chargebacks or had their merchant account terminated, Patricia continues to be the most sought after payment processing consultant to help resolve current issues and find additional processing channels for them.

Online Companies hire Patricia Carlin Consulting to:

– Establish credit card processing in the US and Internationally
– Setup Offshore Merchant Accounts to support additional processing volume
– Terminated merchants who need help moving volume away from their current processor to a new banking partner
– Implement a proactive and cost-effective risk management program
– Prepare and execute a chargeback reduction plan
– Manage merchant account relationships acting as an advocate on behalf of their business
– Assist with expansion into the global marketplace

Over the years she have been fortunate enough to have worked in nearly every facet of the card-not-present payments chain. She know what questions need to be asked to make accurate recommendations that will serve as value-add to your business. Her goal is to help you establish as well as maintain healthy and scalable merchant account relationships. After an in-depth review of your current payment platform, issues, and future growth plans, Patricia will work with your team to implement and execute an action plan that will allow you to grow your business with uncapped volume, keep your fraud and chargebacks in an acceptable range, and see where you can save revenue.

Payment and merchant account providers are in the business to provide merchant account processing and risk management. They typically do not assist with the granular details such as managing chargeback ratios, ensuring data is being passed correctly to obtain the best qualifying rate, and research emerging technologies that can benefit your particular business model. It is the responsibility of the merchant to do this. However, there is a huge gap in terms of the expertise needed to manage these aspects of your business on a day-to-day basis. I cover that gap on your behalf.